ManyNames Linux update!


After a big of struggling we've figured out ABI issues on Linux, but also greatly improved the user experience installing ManyNames, which release 0.1.2 on Linux addresses. No changes were needed for the Windows edition which remains at 0.1.1.

The major issue with 0.1.1 on Linux is that it was built against a very new libc ABI that is not available on many installations yet. We have figured out how to rebuild it using docker against a more common ABI version so it should work on any reasonably recent (within the past few years) Linux.

On the Linux version we now include a which should facilitate running from file browsers on Gnome (if your file browser is properly configured, see the download instructions). We also include which will move ManyNames to an install location and add it to your menus. If this script is run as root it'll install in the global path /opt and make it available for all users on the machine, if it's run as a user it'll install it locally and just add it to that user's menus.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for using our tool!


manynames-0.1.2.tar.xz 58 MB
May 07, 2021

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