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An In-Development Comedy Murder Mystery TTRPG with a Twist!

Nothing (particularly) strange has ever happened to you, but something has always felt a bit off about your connection to this world. Something weird and, so far, unexplainable! You and a few strangers meet up in a peculiar location and you know they all have the same feelings. Who are these other travelers and what are the mysteries behind this sudden kinship? Will this adventure bring you all the comfort and answers you've always known you needed to seek out?

Your Storyteller will guide you to a mysterious place, where you and your new chums need to uncover hidden talents, bring to light past unresolved murders, and hopefully find your way back with your memories intact!

Game Info:

  • rules light, heavy roleplaying and exploration
  •  highly collaborative storytelling with a Storyteller as opposed to a GM
  •  meant to be fun, creative, and hopefully hilarious (you know, like murders are)
  •  at least 2 players and as many as the Storyteller can manage
  •  several hours of prep potentially needed by Storyteller, but usable examples will be included to make the runup faster
  •  about 1-2 hours of prep needed by players
  • many pages of tables!
  • lots of pages of trees!
  • a heckin' rad poem to give you feels

Content Warnings:

death, murder, and whatever the Storyteller and players agree to

Created by the all-autistic and 75% Indigenous co-op Aldercone Studio! Receive our dev notes and all future published versions of the game files, including the eventual fully released version! Current price will increase over time and as we get closer to the final guidebook. Thank you for your support!


Buy Now$5.55 USD or more

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